Permaculture - Designing with Nature:

Permaculture is an ecological design philosophy that aims to create sustainable, self-sufficient systems modeled after natural ecosystems. It combines principles from agriculture, ecology, and design to create harmonious relationships between plants, animals, and humans. Permaculture encourages sustainable practices such as water conservation, soil regeneration, and biodiversity preservation.

Chickens in Permaculture:

Chickens play a vital role in permaculture systems. They provide various benefits, including:

  1. Pest Control: Chickens actively hunt and consume insects, slugs, and other garden pests, reducing the need for chemical pesticides.
  2. Fertilization: Chicken manure is a valuable source of nitrogen and other nutrients for soil health and plant growth.
  3. Soil Aeration: Chickens scratch the soil while foraging, helping to improve soil structure and nutrient distribution.

Benefits of Backyard Chicken Ownership:


Proposed Rules:

*For average sized birds. Smaller breeds might require less space, larger breeds and fully cooped birds will require more.

Reference images:

View two of garden and orchard schematics
Garden, Chicken Coop & Run, and Orchard Schematics
Urban Northern Farmhouse Coop
Urban Northern Farmhouse Coop